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A E S T H E N S E     C O S M E T I C    C E N T E R 



Quality cosmetic health medical and surgical services offered by a highly qualified and seasoned Facial Cosmetic Surgeon and Cosmetic Dermatologist Team. Above- satisfactory results for very reasonable rates.  Most of our patients come from Metro Manila and South Luzon areas to have the procedure done confidentially in Tagaytay and go back home the same day.  For some patients who opt to recover and relax in the ambience of quiet Tagaytay, we also offer Hotel Room Accomodation, which includes daily visits by the doctor.  Services include: 



      Goretex/Silicone/Cartilage implants

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)- eyebag removal,                          

         Asian double eyelid, Deepset eyes, Eye age reversal               

Chin Augmentation/ Implant                                                             

Smile Dimple Creation - Dimple only shows when one smiles

Facelift, Skin tightening

Scar Revision     



Diamond Microdermabrasion - face and body

Underarm Whitening Treatments

Whitening Injections -

Ultra Whitening Program - HIGH END TREATMENT - 4 sessions only, 1x/wk

Placenta (Swiss) + Glutathione (Japan)+ Vit C + Collagen combination

        Placenta or Glutathione alone injections - 10 sessions

Slimming Injections

- Mesotherapy (Microinjections) for stubborn belly fat, double chin, arms, thighs

- L-Carnitine Injections - once a week

BOTOX Injections - crows feet, currogators, square jaw, underarm sweating treatment

FILLER injections - nasolabial fold, lips

** All services by Aesthense are done by Qualified and Trained Physicians in their respective fields of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.  

**All Medications and Injections are BFAD and FDA approved, and calculated according to the Patients weight and habitus.

plus more services***

FOR INQUIRIES CALL MOBILE #09228830258 - Cosmetic Surgery

#092287DERM7 - Cosmetic Dermatology



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